for Windows 8 and Windows Phone


Movie Notes Cloud Storage

Movie Notes Cloud Storage saves all your movie notes in a secure, online database so you can sync all your notes across all your Windows devices. To use Movie Notes Cloud Storage you will need to purchase the feature in the Movie Notes app. You can find the purchase information in the Settings panel of Movie Notes. You will also need to log in using your Microsoft Account (if you installed Movies Notes from the Windows Store, you already have a Microsoft Account or you can sign up for free here). In addition to your movie notes, we save your first name in order to provide a personalized experience (your photo and other personal data comes from your Microsoft Account and is not saved in our database). We do not store any other personal information about you and will never share your data with any third party without your express permission. Check out our privacy policy for more information.


How much does Movie Notes Cloud Storage cost? Cost depends on market you're in but is less than five dollars per year in the US. We will attempt to keep this cost as low as possible.

When I purchase the feature, can I use it forever? The cost of the feature covers 1 year of usage at which time, you'll need to renew. We're using the subscription model because the service incurs costs to us and we need to cover our costs on a year-to-year basis. The yearly fee is nominal and the feature enables you to sync your notes across all your Windows devices and provides you with a backup of all your notes. Your purchase also helps support Movie Notes for future development.

If I want to stop using Cloud Storage, can I get a refund? Unfortunately no.

How do I stop using Cloud Storage and save my movie notes to my computer again? Once you purchase Movie Notes Cloud Storage, you opt in to the server-based store for your movie notes and local storage is no longer an option for the account you used to purchase the feature. The subscription expires yearly so after 12 months, you will have the option to renew your subscription or return to using local storage.

Do I have to purchase Cloud Storage for each of my devices? For Windows tablets and desktop devices, no--purchase once and you can use Cloud Storage on all your devices. Cloud storage is free to use for users of Movie Notes Mobile for Windows Phone.

What if I have problems with Cloud Storage? If you're having issues with the service, send your Movie Notes Cloud Storage user ID (available in the Settings panel once you've logged in) to and explain your issue and we'll do our best to help.

Can I download a local copy of my movie notes if I want to stop using cloud storage after a year? At this time (August 2013), we do not support this option. However, we plan to release a version of Movie Notes that will support downloading local copies of your movie notes. We're planning on releasing this feature prior to the first expiration of any cloud storage subscriptions (August 2014).

Delete data and deactivate account

If for some reason you would like to delete all your online data and/or deactivate your account, send your user ID (available from the Settings panel in Movie Notes) along with a written request either to remove your data or deactivate your account (or both--if you deactivate your account only we'll save your data for you in case you want to use online storage again in the future) to and we'll take care of that for you. Sorry, no refunds on the purchase of Movie Notes Cloud Storage.